June 17, 2012

Necessities and Tips to Compare iPhone 5 with other Android Phones

No doubt that the iPhone 5 is an advanced product that brings multitasking features with unique hardware and software arrangements. Nowadays there are dozens of well-known Android manufacturers that are designing, manufacturing and introducing the latest Smartphone models for the lovers and fans of iPhone technology. Actually Apple is the founder of this smart technology that is extremely popular throughout the world. From last two years Android SDK is known as the quality product that is rich with hundreds of software programs and latest applications. In short you can compare the iPhone 5 models with rest of Smartphone brands on the following grounds.

1-Comparison by Hardware Distinction:-
Few years ago there was a dense trend of Android 2.2 that was considered a marvelous phone in those days, but with arrival of masterpieces of Apple the popularity shine of this brand went on diminishing that is a grand victory of iPhone 5. Actually Smartphone depends upon just two basic things; hardware parts and software programs. If you have both these fundamental things in your iPhone then you can call your phone the best and superb.
Android phones have also been manufactured with latest technology, quality material for hardware components and advanced software tools. But only the well recognized and highly professional producers care for such elementary necessities, which can earn fame or bad response for their companies. Basically iPhone 5 introduces the following superior hardware components.

  1. Wider, colorful, crystal and big LCD screen that displays every shot in cinema mode
  2. File transfer facilities via AV, USB, HDMI cables as well as via Bluetooth option
  3. Long lasting battery with easy rechargeable facilities
  4. Now the iPhone 5 brings simple access to every function and Eco-friendly customer guide.

2-Software Detail Comparison:-
Actually iPhone 5 is rich with superb software programs and essential tools which promote online working as well as online business administration. That is why; most of regular customers and buyers only choose those products that are rich with advanced and highly featured software tools like Android 2.3. In these days Android SDK also brings beneficial software programs for the professionals.

3-Reviews of Regular Users and Buyers:-
The reviews collected from customers play vital role in predicting the exact success, worth and popularity of any product, even in case of iPhone 5. You can easily view the comments that have been given the regular clients and users of this technology. Most of the people consider Android 2.2 is the best, while a number of prefer Android 2.3 that is advanced and quality model of Android phones. But according to features and technical iPhone apps you cannot expect more from any other brand except iPhone 5.

4-Mobile Operating System:-
Usually every Android phone runs on the basis of mobile operating system that manages all internal functions and iPhone apps. If you desire to compare latest Smartphone products then you should test and examine the mobile operating system in those brands. Apple has introduced the latest and easier operating system in iPhone so that everyone can utilize it up to his/her requirements.

5-Internet Connectivity:-
Usually iPhone 5 carries two major internet connectivity options; Wi-Fi and 3G. Both these are available in several Android phones, but they are also missed in many Smartphone models. While on the other side iPhone 5 is grandly popular by such connectivity functions and easier access to internet.

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