June 5, 2012

Precise Method of iPhone Battery Replacement

In the markets iPhone 5 brings unmatched, unbeatable and completely magnificent features that increase official dignity of this advanced product. But unfortunately some unpredicted problems are associated with iPhone battery percentage that varies with respect to occurring issue in the product. In most of cases it is observed that iPhone battery charge time totally gets disturbance that makes the fans and users little bit frustrated. In such situations you have just two options; change your existing product with new one or just replace the battery of your iPhone. Actually 2nd option is more accurate and better for you as it will eat your few dollars, while replacement of iPhone with new model is quite expensive that is out of budget.

If you are searching for the best technique or process to replace iPhone battery then you can get assistance from iPhone forum where step by step guideline is given. You can also check out following method that is also very useful for the users.
1-Ejection of Sim Tray:-
First of all you have to eject sim tray so that battery can be replaced easily.
2-Removal of Screws:-
After it you have to open two screws at the back of case.
3-Separation of Display:-
Great care is needed in disconnecting and separating iPhone display that is too sensitive part of the brand.
4-Removal of Ribbons:-
A number of ribbons are pasted on the port of battery that must be removed with great precaution. Users should remove these ribbons one by one and not all in single efforts.

5-Plug off Black Ribbon Cable:-
You should also replace black ribbon cable softly that needs massive care in removing the cable.
6-Disconnecting Remaining Cables Carefully:-
After disconnecting black ribbon cables then you have to separate all remaining cables so that your process can move to final steps.
7-Disconnecting 2nd Ribbon Black Ribbon:-
In the bottom 2nd black ribbon cable can be viewed that must be removed in next step. This step also demands for professional and technical cares.
8-Remove White Tab:-
White tab should also be removed with some specific screw opener that can fully get free the tab.
9-Removal of iPhone Display Assembly:-
Assembly iPhone display removal is the next step. In this step you should not use sharp devices that can harm screen of iPhone.

10-Removal of Screws of Motherboard:-
Next target is motherboard that consists of eight screws, which should be opened for replacing the battery. This process is also useful in replacing battery of iPhone 5.
After completing above ten steps now you can separate camera and remove old battery. The same process can be repeated for fixing the parts of iPhone. This job can be done with iPhone 5 or other models of iPhone. High quality and superb batteries can yield better iPhone battery percentage that goes up to few days. If useful precautions are followed then you can simply increase iPhone battery charge time without spending your time as well as extra money. In these days there are several platforms where every type of iPhone is available. You can also use iPhone forum for searching for the best products of Android models.

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