June 19, 2012

Some Advanced Android Games and Fans

Android is the best device for getting entertainment and excitements as it carries a number of advanced games which increase humor, enjoyment and fun of the people. In these days most of the youngsters prefer Android games over PC games or other traditional video games. Actually you can take away your Android phone anywhere throughout the world. For refreshment and passing the time in a jolly mode the Android SDK is considered the most elegant as well as professional phone introduced by Apple. Naturally the game lovers or fans are fast friends of the Smartphone as well as the latest Android games that boost up interest and humor of players.

Now Android software programs update the existing funny applications and games that are mostly used and applied. Most of the youngsters call Android as the pocket game store that can pick and put out every desired or ordered game. Users have also easier and open option to download the interesting and more famous Android games which have great traffic of the players.

In current time trend of receiving the games or other funny sources has become very common among the users as Android apps are expected in these phones. In the following some very interesting, popular and new Android games have been introduced with suitable detail so that fun lovers can choose and pick the required game.

1-Tank Hero-Laser Wars:
It is an action game that creates great suspense at every upcoming stage and makes the players more determinant. In this game the tank hero covers all stages or levels after suffering hardships and fighting. In Android games this is the most interesting and ambitious game that optimizes confidence level of the players.

2-Neon Mania:-
In Android games this is very funny and amazing source of humor in which the player has to put his steady hand on the lights for searching the exact shapes of different objects or animals. Hundreds of stages come and you have to cover every level faster and accurately that increases the score of players. Some useful Android apps are also applicable in updating this interesting game.

3-Traffic Wonder:-
This games about the routes and traffic laws which have to be kept in mind during moving and approaching to the destinations. Traffic world is one of the best and extremely played Android games that are available in almost every existing or upcoming model of Android.

4-Angry Birds Space:-
In this game 60 interesting levels are included that give excellent challenges to the players. Step to step the games becomes more interesting and funny. If you desire to download new Android games then you can take assistance from several websites.

5-FIFA 12 by EA Sports:-
In this soccer game the real players participate with real team names and the actual leagues are organized among dozens of football teams. In Android games the soccer fun has special worth and popularity. The names of other famous Android games are given below in the list.

  1.  NBA JAM by EA Sports
  2. Another World
  3. Super Monkey Ball 2
  4. Cut the Rope-Experiments
  5. Humble Bundle 2
  6. Defense Zone HD
  8. Due Perfect
  9. Cogs
  10. Dream Heights by Zynga
  11. ErnCone
  12. Trollum
  13. Dangerous Lite
  14. Six Guns by Gameloft
  15. THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android and
  16. Azkend etc.

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