June 21, 2012

Which Features are Useful and Worthwhile; Android 2.2 and Android 2.3

Preview of Both Models:-
Throughout the world Android phones have become more popular, worthwhile and useful for official purposes. In these days a number of models and brands are available in the Android market. Few years ago Android 2.2 was introduced that proved its significance and quality within short time. Actually this product is still remembered, used and considered the best for business activities.

On the other side Android 2.3 brings countless features, top quality Android apps and accessible cost. All these properties have optimized worth, scope and fame of Android 2.3 product. For entertainment Android games are amazing sources which amuse the users throughout their leisure. Several similarities and differences have been explained below with some suitable arrangement.

Features Experienced:-
If you look at the famous and commonly observed features of Android 2.2, then you will meet with the following major qualities which are included in the technical detail of this Smartphone model.

  1. Excellent speed, superb and vast memory, while it also has greater capabilities to boost up overall performance.
  2. Dozens of additional and helpful Android apps are also engaged with Android 2.2 that has well repute among the regular users.
  3. It introduces Chrome with JavaScript engine in V8 version that is rare in other Smartphone brands.
  4. Shortcuts to Phone menu and browser apps are also available in Android 2.2.
  5. Several auto-security policies, Microsoft exchange support and other casual apps are the parts of Android 2.2’s main menu.

Android 2.3 is also engaged with hundreds of features in which some are identical to those which exist in Android 2.2, while a number of are rare as well as completely missed in advanced Smartphone products. Some of them are given below.

  1. User interface has been upgraded and modified in Android 2.3 so that the regular and professional users can access to all functions easily and in better modes.
  2. Android GPS is also included in main functions of this brand that facilitates users in locating the exact place or location of the people.
  3. Screen size is extra large and it displays every video in cinema mode
  4. Multiple functions have also summed into Android 2.3 that beats all existing Smartphone models which were considered the best and excellent before the arrival of Android 2.3.
  5. Dozens of special software programs, wonderful sources of communication and listening online music tools are also included in feature of Android 2.3.

Hardware Description:-
No doubt the hardware arrangement and components of both the products are amazing, of high quality, superb and long lasting performance. Android 2.2 was introduced earlier, while Android 2.3 was brought to air later. But after comprehensive use and awareness to both these models the users are extremely satisfied with them.

Software Programs and Tools:-
Numerous software programs and advanced tools have also been added into Android 2.3, while these programs are also available in Android 2.2, but in this brand the old versions were included. While on the other side security policies, Android apps and other supporting software programs have been updated in Android 2.3.

Final Conclusion:-
Android 2.3 is also rich with locating tools like Android GPS and Google locator etc. In short as conclusion you can say that both these Android phones are elegant, superb and marvelous by performance, but the difference is only this that they have been aired after specific interval. For the official as well as personal uses the Android 2.3 is considered better than Android 2.2.

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