August 18, 2012

The Mostly Experienced and Required Features of Android Series

Android is a type of Smartphone that carries a number of features and its operating system are based upon Linux, while it utilizes ARM Processors. Its main functions provide the most necessary and expected targets to the users who desire to work their official activities through Smartphone access. Almost all types of Google apps are available in this kind of phone. Android Inc. is the actual founder or producer who introduces different series of Android phones persistently. In these days it is often asked by majority of Smartphone users that what are main differences between Apple iPhone and Android products? There are dozens of things that separate or distinguish both these wonderful types of Smartphone. Major differences are;

Ø  Apple Inc. utilizes its own created software programs as well as self manufactured hardware components of these Smartphone brands.
Ø  In case of Android Inc. the software programs are its self made or developed, while entire hardware parts or components are private or they are not manufactured by Android Inc.
Ø  Several other functions and product specifications also exist which distinguish both these advanced mobile products separately.
Ø  The regular fans, users and customers have greater capability in understanding and using their Android phones and iPhone.

Official Airing of Android 2.1:-
Google Android Market is the best, official and global platform where the advanced and high quality Smartphone brands are brought for introduction as for sale. After preparation of Android 2.1 the company looked for the suitable time and date on which the launching of this product could be made. With proper development in the apps and latest software programs of Android the company announced its date and then brought it to the market on exact schedule. Android SDK is the general as well as wonderful feature that exists in basic qualities of Android 2.1. It was not an end of the inventions of Android Inc. as the next model Android 2.2 of the series was being introduced within coming few months.

Grand Opening and Launching of Android 2.2:-
Android 2.2 is the next brand of Android phone series that had brought a global revolution among the millions of the users, customers and fans. Actually the Android 2.2 is similar to early model Android 2.1, but there are many changes in apps, software tools and hardware components. But mostly the differences in apps are concerned and considered the main changes. Latest games, communication apps and other professional tools have been modified as well as upgraded according to the necessities of the online professionals.

Revolutionary Arrival of Android 2.3 to Global Markets:-
A grand revolution is engaged with launching of Android 2.3 that is considered as the most advanced and high feature Smartphone that has been introduced and aired by Android Inc. This glorious Android model is rich with latest features, qualities, merits and rare functions which were either incomplete or missed in early brands like Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 etc. It has latest software and professional tools which are widely applicable in web developing and Android software or app development working. Now the customers can easily and properly buy required models of Android phones through Google Android Market that offers online purchasing services to the buyers.

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