January 16, 2013

Nice Collection of Latest and Highly Recommended Android Apps Which Influence Android Sale Directly!

Android phones have brought thrilling revolution in Smartphone industry, because these brands have a lot of advanced software and web tools. Usually most of the customers always look at Apple.com and its superior quality products, but after official introduction of other Smartphone the clients get new substitutes of Apple products. In these days, most of technology experts and professionals consider that Android phones are quite better and much appropriate than iPhone 5 or other models. It has been told several times that Google apps are leading priorities for regular users who always seek for something unique, advanced and reliable. In present, Android apps have increased craze as well as trend among business persons and online professionals. You can utilize these superior and high quality apps for multiple purposes including official, trading and routine activities etc. Recently, Android products have following highly recommended apps that influence overall reputation, performance and sales volume of this Smartphone.

Technology experts and business communities highly recommend hundreds of smart Android apps that have become elementary as well as significant tools of several activities or professions. Actually, all kinds of apps are introduced for a variety of objectives including official, trading and personal transactions. Now you can also get free software downloads from Apple app store that offers latest web programs absolutely free. In these days, there are many common or similar apps which exist in Android phones and iPhone 5. But, if you get iPhone 5, then you will use iOS 5 or 6 operating system that is owned by Apple.com. But, on the other side if you go for Android products, then definitely you will utilize Linux based operating system that is also considered better, faster, more reliable and perfect for web based professions or activities. Apple store also offers different mixed as well as advanced software including latest web browsers and tools. In following lines you will get short detail of latest Android apps with few features.

Instagram is an excellent social network that is famous for uploading and sharing videos as well as attractive pictures. Android phones have this wonderful app for social network users and fans. Google apps are also included in basic apps of Smartphone brands which run only on Linux operating system.
Through this Android app you can speak from anywhere about technology and other kinds of products that have been using in routine life. It also offers different sources of entertainment to users. Apple app store also offers same apps to iPhone 5 users who need various types of recreation programs or software.
Now you have no need to get addicted of news or weather updates by traditional sources, because Android brings 1weather for its regular customers and users. Unlike Apple products, other Smartphone brands have multiple apps and web tools which belong to various platforms or creators.

If you want using Android phones, then definitely Google Chrome is very significant browser that runs your commands faster and puts required results on Smartphone's large screen. Apple iPhone 5 also supports web browsing and it has Chrome for this purpose.
This app adds different required text help and improves typing patterns which the users follow or utilize while using Android phones. This function is also available on Apple store in different software versions.
In official working the users and experts use this app to create docs and spreadsheets. Google Drive also facilitates users to preserve their data in cloud storage. Android has now modified version of this app. Apple store has also upgraded this version for online professionals and writers.

Flipboard brings multiple features and uses which support IT experts and web designers to perform different jobs or activities. Android phones have several kinds of flipboard for official purposes. Google apps can also be run or operate with assistance of Flipboard.
In general it is known as an impressive cloud storage solution that is basically available in Android based Smartphone products. In these days, Apple has also introduced various types of SkyDrive apps that are greatly beneficial for web based experts and professionals.
If you look for better voice commands, then you must buy and test Android phones because these brands have Google Now for this purpose. Apple store has also mentioned this excellent app in recently launched iPhone 5 with iOS 6 operating system. 
This app is similar as Flipboard in Android phones, but it contains some additional features and high performance attributes. Almost every regular user of Android and iPhone 5 knows actual process to use this app. You can get latest updates about this application from Apple store and its official website.

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