January 11, 2013

Specification and Features of Apple iPhone 5, While Precise Overview of Android Operating System

Google apps are those compulsory and leading functions Which the users, businessmen and specific professionals require more. A warm and interesting technological war exists between Android and iPhone 5 that has been aired recently. Usually Apple products are quite famous and common among casual as well as particular customers. Nowadays, millions of regular users and buyers look for Apple iPhone 5 that has very impressive and outclass technical specification. Before knowing actual specs of this superior brand you should once visit Apple.com that carries rich information and software detail of this product. Customers can also take reliable as well up to expectation guidance from Apple store that is an official representative. There are thousands of well reputed firms and software developing companies that design and bring latest Android apps for business persons and web developers.

Specification of Apple iPhone 5:-
Apple iPhone 5 has advanced specification that consists of two basic parts; hardware and software composition. In present, customers of Android and iPhone have become perfectly rational and personally experienced in choosing and buying these wonderful brands. If you look at Apple store to view actual specs of iPhone 5, then obviously you will get following impressive composition or technical detail. 

1-Apple iPhone 5 involves touchscreen and Olephobic coating fingerprint-resistant functions.

2-Voice recorder, second camera, digital player, digital player, GLONASS receiver and GPS receiver etc are included in integrated components which are of higher quality and excellent performance.

3-If you measure dimension of Apple iPhone 5, then you will observe it as 2.31" x 0.3" x 4.87" (W x D x H). 
4-4G mobile broadband generation has been used in this product. 
5-Apple has also introduced and utilized iOS 6 operating system that is advanced and rare in rest of Smartphone brands. 
6-Usually iPhone 5 is known as leading and latest Smartphone and Apple.com has also introduced different software apps like Passbook, Photos, Game Centre, Voice Memo, iBook, Newsstand, iCloud, iTunes, Mail, Find My iPhone, Safari, Face Time, Find My Friends, Stocks, Contacts, Weather, Notes, Siri, Calendar, Social Networks etc. 
7-IM, SMS, MMS and other communication facilities like voice and video calls 
8-Apple has also included PDF Support, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel for data features and file preparation.

9-Apple store also involves iTunes Store, App Store, Web Developing Tools and special software. 
10-It has also latest versions of LTE Band 5, LTE Band 1, LTE Band 3. 
11-Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are very popular as well as essential networking apps. 
12-Internet browsers for Google apps, mobile email client and searching tools 
13-Vibrating alert, Speakerphone, Call timer, Conference Call, Voice Dialing and voice control etc are available in general phone functions.
14-Lithium ion battery, digital camera to take photos, Headset jack, lightning, USB cable, Power adaptor, HDMI cable, Flash and video transfer cables, Apple EarPods, display resolution up to 1136 x 640, retina display, 4" diagonal display size, Apple Maps and 1080 pixel video recording resolution etc are included in iPhone 5 presented by Apple. 
15-8 MP camera with digital features, 16GB to 64GB memory capacity, F/2.4 lens aperture, automatic focus adjustment, reminder, alarm clock, calculator, picture editor, AirPlay Wireless Streaming and multiple display languages have also been added in this marvelous Smartphone by Apple.com.

Some Outstanding Features of Apple iPhone:-
If you glance over main features and leading benefits of Apple iPhone 5, then definitely you will come to know hundreds of glorious properties. These technical attributes inspire and emerge customers at first look. Nowadays, there are millions of users who prefer Android for web development, while same quantity of customers is also fan of iPhone models. Usually everyone desire running Google apps that play key role in execution of different complex programs. Recently, Apple store has modified and introduced several new software programs which are greatly effective for professional app as well as web developers. You can say that Apple.com makes advanced web tools and appreciates online professionals in their routine and official activities. Apple app store also provides unique and reliable software that can facilitate users in their all kinds of affairs including entertainment.

Overview of Android with Latest Modification:-
In general Android is very famous operating system that is completely based upon Linux, while this superior quality operating system is being vastly used in tablets, computers and Smartphone products. Apple has also its own as well as personal operating systems in which iOS 4, iOS 5 and iOS 6 are extremely famous among professional users. Linux basically supports Google apps and it also promotes rest of apps which are run by support of Linux. In current time, experts and IT professionals have discovered a number of variations between Linux and Apple's personal operating systems. It has also been estimated that Android is quite better and much useful operating system than that of Apple. That is why; most of business persons and web based professionals prefer Android phones with compare to iPhone 5. You can get much convenient information about different Smartphone operating systems from Apple store or other affiliated platforms of this firm.

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