January 9, 2013

Surprising Competition Between Apple and Android to Survive in Global Smartphone Markets

If you look into past, then you will come to know that Apple was a leading monopolist in Smartphone industry. Usually there were dozens of well reputed and professional manufacturers that had complete or partial command over latest technology. But, Apple was considered a rich, more reliable and advanced producer that kept its eyes over demands as well as necessities of modern people. With passage of time, monopoly of Apple.com has gone to vanish, because several outclass Smartphone makers have jumped into this marvelous race or competition. In present, situations in global markets are quite different as well as fully changed with compare to past or early times. Android has given a nasty blow to iPhone models, because it has introduced hundreds of high quality, superior and awesome apps which are missed in Apple brands.
Apple store has launched many updates and modified software programs that are basic apps in other Smartphone models. Actually, Apple is greatly worried and terrified by brilliant launching of Android phones, because these high quality phones are rich with precious, efficient and extremely wanted programs as well as web tools.

Apple app store has also been struggling for last many years in global markets. In early times, the customers have no close substitutes or alternatives for Apple iPhone, but in current time there are dozens choices for regular clients or buyers. In fact, Google apps are vastly required and demanded programs which make users able to execute all kinds of functions or activities. Common people mostly prefer Android and iPhone 5 for playing games, communication, spending their leisure in delightful mood, catching excitements and processing routine activities etc.

Survival of Android and Apple:-
It has been mentioned early that a perfect competition as well as technical battle exists between iPhone 5 and latest Android phones. It is interesting contest in which both these are leading competitors. People have different views and predictions about this global competition between Android phones and latest models of iPhone presented by Apple. It is reality that by programs, web apps and other precious software, the Android is leading, while iPhone 5 is runner up. But, in professional field and commerce most of users look for Apple brands that are rich with smart apps and web tools. Nowadays, Mac is very impressive device that can execute official as well as professional activities as fast as you can imagine only. Mac store facilitates users to get latest versions of compulsory and well reputed software. Apple.com and Android have been making valued as well as appreciated efforts to survive in speedy competition, but both are at equal level by customers point of views.

Winner and Runner Up in Global Competition!
It is very funny to consider that Apple is leading manufacturer in Smartphone industry, while Android is runner up. You must be aware of this that millions of people have altered their views and expectations about iPhone 5 after experiencing dozens of issues. Now, most of customers first look at Android models and prefer shopping these glorious phones that can support them in their casual as well as official activities. Smartphone is greatly famous among regular users by its high quality and latest Google apps that are elementary tools in all kinds of activities. You can also visit Apple store to get latest updates and modified versions of famous software for your personal program execution. On the other side, Android has also launched its valuable and superior apps on different platforms for complete convenience of users.

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