January 12, 2013

Which Brand You Would Prefer to Download and Play Interesting Games, Apple iPhone 5 or Android!

Digital Media is a vast and glorious source of entertainment among users, especially young boys and girls who always seek for some latest Smartphone games. Android has launched dozens of modern and modified versions of interesting games. While on the other side, Apple has also introduced several highly demanded video games for its regular customers and users. Apple.com offers latest games for players and fans absolutely free from any cost. You can get hundreds of adventure, battle, mission, funny and ancient tale games which amuse players and entertain them in their spare time. You can check out complete detail and space of games by visiting Apple store. It has also been estimated that there are millions of Apple customers and fans who purchase iPhone 5 and latest model of iPad just for sake of interesting games. Apple app store have multiple downloading tools that easily search latest version and start downloading quickly.

Android with Latest and Modified Game Versions:-
Basically Android is an operating system that is perfectly based upon Linux. It is well known fact that Google acquired Android for its personal goals and web based objectives that require different kinds of high quality operating systems. Recently Android phones and other devices are also greatly famous for their interesting features which please users in some strange style. Usually most of people love playing games on Android phones. While on the other side, millions of youngsters also prefer Apple iPhone 5 to download as well as play latest video games. You can view detailed list of all Android games that recently have been introduced and launched. Some leading games are as follow.

1-Angry Birds Rio
2-Babel Rising
3-Angry Birds Seasons
4-Cafeteria Nipponica
6-Angry Birds Space
7-Game Dev Story
8-Fruit Ninja
9-Plants Vs. Zombies
10-Pocket Planes
11-Black Hole Pinball
12-Dead Space
13-City of Saints
14-Amazing Alex
15-Grand Prix Story
16-Warzone Earth
17-Attack from Mars
18-Broken Sword
19-Death Rally
20-The Black Fortress etc.

Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Video Games:-
A perfect and tough competition exists between Android and iPhone 5, because both have glorious, much beneficial and awesome web apps. Most of customers purchase Smartphone products just for Google apps, but there are many users who look for entertainment functions and programs like video games. Apple.com has also launched hundreds of fabulous video games that can easily be downloaded and played on latest iPhone 5. If you want downloading latest games, then you should visit Apple store where high quality and modified versions of interesting games are free for users. Recently, Apple app store has also uploaded mixed and funny games that were missed in early models of iPhone 5. In common observation the Apple iPhone 5 has following top and latest video games for players as well as users.

1-Tiny Wings
2-Real Racing 2
3-Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
4-Dead Trigger
6-Where's My Water?
7-Infinity Blade 2
8-Minecraft Pocket Edition
9-Chrono Trigger
10-Final Fantasy Dimensions
11-Modern Combat 3
12-The Walking Dead
13-Temple Run
14-Rage HD
15-Solo Remix
16-Beat Sneak Bandit
17-Zombie Gunship
18-Fieldrunners 2
19-Jetpack Joyride
20-Black Ops Zombies etc.

All these mentioned video games are available in latest Android phones and iPhone 5 which have also attained wonderful reputation and positive response from users or customers. You can get the latest video games and download these high featured games on Apple.com that offers customers or visitors complete access to these advanced versions. Apple store is also greatly popular for automatic games downloading software that can directly select and start downloading required versions of chosen video games.

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